World Justice Forum 2022

Monday, May 30 - Thursday, June 2, 2022
World Forum - The Hague
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Pathfinders is a co-producing partner of the World Justice Forum 2022.

May 31 Launch of the Ibero-American Justice Alliance
Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies
Center on International Cooperation (CIC NYU)

Join us for the official launch of the Ibero-American Justice Alliance, which aims to coordinate and give visibility to the work of the extensive network of justice associations and actors providing access to justice for all in the region. The alliance includes the judiciary and the legal profession, civil society and regional and international organizations. It will work with the Justice Action Coalition and connect initiatives from Ibero-American countries to global networks and debates. The session will focus on practical examples of people-centered justice from the region, as a prelude to the regional progress report on Justice for All to be presented in 2023.

Theme: Access to Justice
In Person and Online
Languages: English, Spanish

Speakers: Stella Maris Martinez, Maria Fernanda Rodriguez, Luciana Bercovich, Karina Gerlach, Grace Hulseman

June 2

Intergenerational Dialogue on People-Centered Justice

Pathfinders' Young Justice Leaders & the Elders in dialogue
Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

The Justice Action Coalition is a multi-stakeholder, high-ambition coalition of countries and organizations, championing equal access to justice for all. The guiding ambition of the Justice Action Coalition is to close the global justice gap and the goal is to achieve measurable progress in justice outcomes for people and communities by the second SDG Summit in 2023.

Contributing to this ambition is the Young Justice Leaders cohort. It is a group of young leaders that have come together to facilitate collaboration, build networks, and contribute to the global policy dialogue around justice for all, demonstrating that people-centered justice is possible and necessary.

This working session will introduce the vision and objectives of the Young Justice Leaders through an interactive, intergenerational dialogue with the Elders who are an independent group of global leaders working together for peace, justice, and human rights.

The session is intended to bring diverse perspectives on people-centered justice to the fore, thereby contributing to the agenda of the Young Justice Leaders which will include policy recommendations and commitments towards justice for all.

Theme: Access to Justice
Languages: English

June 2

The Role of People-Centered Justice in Delivering Equality and Inclusion

Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

Inequalities are the manifestation of structural injustices - with the legal system too often helping to maintain and deepen these inequalities. This session will look at the bigger picture of what is driving inequality and exclusion, and ask what can the justice system do to support efforts to deliver for all groups, including the poorest and those most marginalized.

Drawing on lessons from around the world, this session will provide insights on the strategies that can be used to address inequality and exclusion through people-centered justice. It will hone in on the role justice systems to reverse discriminatory practices and ensure that all people can activate their economic and political rights, delivering justice for all and not just for the privileged few. It will also explore how putting people and communities, rather than institutions, at the heart of justice systems, can contribute to building credibility and trust in the state, enabling it to reduce rising levels of inequality and exclusion.

This event will present a framework for understanding effective strategies based on the findings of the Pathfinders flagship report, “From Rhetoric to Action: Delivering Equality and Inclusion” and spotlight the role of social movements, such as BLM, in fighting for fundamental reform of the justice system.

Theme: Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination
Languages: English

June 2

Children and Youth at the Table! Intergenerational Action in Realizing Justice for All

Pathfinders for Justice: Justice for Children Project
University of Strathclyde
Terre des Hommes

Children and youth are increasingly recognized as both custodians of tomorrow and catalysts of change. At the same time, they continue to face some of the most significant barriers to inclusion, including racial discrimination leading to higher rates of being in conflict with the law and social and economic exclusion exacerbated by school closures, precarious employment conditions, and the rising living costs.

Speaking to the theme of ‘equality and non-discrimination’, our organizations are about ensuring that children and youth are not only on the agenda, but also at the table in an adult justice space.

The session will be structured in the form of an intergenerational dialogue amongst UN representatives, civil society, children, and youth, including the Pathfinders for Justice’s Young Justice Leaders. The content of the session will be guided by a policy brief presenting evidence around national actions that can ensure inclusive, non-discriminatory justice systems for children, drawing on outcomes of the 2021 World Congress on Justice with Children and highlighting opportunities of intersection with the Voluntary National Review processes.

The session will spark a new phase of campaigning for justice with children characterized by intergenerational partnership, directly contributing to the strategy of the Pathfinder’s Justice Action Coalition.

Theme: Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination
Languages: English

June 2 Customary and Informal Pathways to People-Centered Justice: What Works
Working Group on Customary and Informal Justice (WG-CIJ)

There is growing recognition of the need to ensure that customary and informal justice (CIJ) is considered in efforts to achieve justice for all. The objective of the session is to foster dialogue between diverse stakeholders on practical ways to engage CIJ actors in building people-centered justice systems.

The session includes presentations on changing practices in CIJ, highlighting developments on the gendered experience of CIJ, and the role of women in framing and contesting CIJ rules. The session takes as given that how justice works in practice has developmental consequences, that CIJ is diverse, and that how it evolves is context-specific.

In considering ‘what works’, the session will address the following through the expertise of presenters:
1) Reflections on recent advances in the CIJ conversation, focusing on the data challenges and possible approaches to addressing data gaps.
2) The experience of different CIJ systems in wider peacebuilding and conflict prevention agendas, connecting SDG 16.3 with SDG 16 more broadly.
3) Interconnections between transitional justice and CIJ in transitions from conflict.
4) The impact of COVID-19 on people’s experience of justice, and on the role of CIJ systems
5) Specific stories of how CIJ has evolved and been renegotiated at the country level.

Theme: Access to Justice
In-Person and Online
Languages: English

Speaker: Maaike de Langen


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May 30, 2022 to Jun 02, 2022