Crises of Inequality: Shifting Power for a New Eco-Social Contract

10:00 (ET) / 16:00 (CET)

This event presents and discusses findings from a forthcoming UNRISD flagship report on “Crises of Inequality: Shifting Power for a New Eco-Social Contract.” The report associates multiple crises and increasing inequalities with policy choices promoted during the age of neoliberal hyperglobalization, and unpacks the implications for sustainable development and for disadvantaged social groups through the lens of intersectionality and power. To address inequality, break the cycle of multiple and interlocking crises, and work towards a more equal, just and sustainable future, the report proposes to create a new eco-social contract and a policy approach based on alternative economies, transformative social policies and reimagined multilateralism and strengthened solidarities.

The event will be moderated by Faiza Shaheen (NYU Center on International Cooperation, Program Head, Inequality) with welcome remarks by Paul Ladd (UNRISD, Director). A presentation on the Flagship Report by Katja Hujo (UNRISD, Senior Research Coordinator) will be followed by interventions from Jeffrey Sachs (Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, Director; UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, President), Jayati Ghosh (University of Massachusetts Amherst, Professor) and Lysa John (CIVICUS, Secretary-General).

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