Conflict Early Warning/Early Action Practitioners Workshop

The 2021 Practitioners Workshop on Conflict Early Warning/Early Action will take place virtually 18-21 May. This year’s workshop will bring more visibility to specific advancements in the conflict and violence early warning and early action (EWEA) fields, with the idea to share global lessons from different actors and offer specific skills-building opportunities.

Conflict Early Warning/Early Action
Practitioners Workshop 

May 18–21, 2021
Virtual Week

There are three ways for you to participate in this conference: 

  • Be a session organizer: Create a 1 hour panel on a "big picture" issue, challenge, or innovation in the EWEA field
  • Present your organization's work through a 30 minute pitch talk
  • Join as a guest or workshop participant

As conflict and violence are transforming throughout the world and with additional challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that governments, NGOs, academia, and intergovernmental organizations have continued to invest in early warning and conflict/violence prediction tools, alongside robust early response mechanisms.

Yet the information space is changing so quickly that it threatens to leave many early warning/early action (EWEA) efforts behind. Availability of big data, including easy access to what people say and do online, combined with advanced computational capacity, opens a potential for the EWEA community to use the momentum and advance their field further. The event will build on the recent conclusions of the “Data for Peacebuilding and Prevention: Ecosystem Mapping Report,” which mentions the application of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in EWEA systems as one of the cutting-edge approaches on the horizon, with the potential to re-energize the field of early warning. We believe that an important step in achieving this goal is exchanging the lessons and latest efforts transparently between actors and regions. With this goal, we are facilitating this workshop as an open space for this exchange to happen.

If you wish to organize a session or lead a pitch, we ask for you to fill out this form by April 24. Potential topics include:

  • Predictive models in humanitarian field and lessons learned for peacebuilding and prevention
  • Pathways to early action
  • MA and AI potentials for EWEA systems
  • Applications of natural language processing in EWEA field (such as hate speech monitoring)
  • Remote sensing in EWEA
  • Utilizing the potentials of traditional and emerging technologies in protecting civilians
  • Crowdsourcing and visualizations
  • Building partnerships for greater impact
  • EWEA and the protection of human rights
  • Ethical frameworks and challenges to utilizing data-driven approaches
  • Data challenges and new data sources
  • Innovative indicator development in environments with data gaps
  • And others…

Registration for the 2021 Conflict Early Warning/Early Action Practitioners Workshop is now open.


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May 18, 2021 to May 21, 2021