Sharing for Prosperity: Tilting the Balance Back

Lecture and Discussion with Norway’s Minister of International Development, Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås

April 15, 2013

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

19 Washington Square North

4:00 pm

Despite high levels of growth, poverty reduction has lagged behind in many countries. Income inequality is on the rise globally. Illicit financial flows leaving developing countries are ten times greater than the aid entering. How can the balance be tilted in favor of the poor? Taxes are needed to fund public expenditures. But if a country like the U.S. has trouble raising taxes from the rich – do developing countries stand a chance?

Join one minister who wants to make a difference, and find out how he plans to do it. Norway’s Minister of International Development, Mr. Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås, will give a lecture at New York University on April 15 at 4:00pm. The lecture will be followed by a discussion, Q&A, and a reception. 

This event was organized by the Permanent Mission of Norway to the United Nations and the NYU Center on International Cooperation.

UN Photo: Logan Abassi

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