How Will Countries Negotiate Game-Changing Issues in 2015?

CIC Senior Fellow Alex Evans has examined the dynamics of multilateral negotiations and collective action issues for the past decade. In 2015, he will be watching the international stage closely as four key multilateral processes play out. As he highlighted earlier this year in a presentation entitled Quadruple or Quits, which he made to senior UK government officials, these negotiations will encompass issues as critical and varied as climate change, trade, and global development and will occur in a challenging political climate.

Recently, Evans presented a version of his Quadruple or Quits talk for his CIC colleagues.

We’ve made the talk available for download here: Quadruple or Quits: Managing the Overlaps Between the 2015 Agendas on Climate, Trade, SDGs, and Finance for Development

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Apr 03, 2014
Ashley Skiles